Is That a Millennial in Your Basement?

Probably not!  According to the new report, 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 61% of all first time home buyers were millennials in 2015.  There’s been much debate in and out of the real estate industry about millennials—especially about their buying power and their supposed  lack of interest […]

Solarize How? Shedding Light on Solar Options

Own or lease?  That is the question for many people considering installing solar in their Mansfield area homes.  Most people (72% in 2014, according to Consumer Reports) take the lease option.  It appears to be very attractive with no immediate costs out-of-pocket up front and they take care of everything, which is even better when […]

Malloy: File a Complaint if You Have a Crumbling Basement

Governor Malloy met 100 victims of crumbling foundations outside the governor’s mansion on Saturday with coffee and donuts and handshakes all around.  His advice:  More affected homeowners need to file complaints.  There are only 330 complaints filed to date which Malloy called a “gigantic mistake”. Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basments (CCACB) is asking homeowners who […]