24-Hour Legal Advice for UConn & ECSU Students

UConn & ECSU are cracking down on student partiesPolice departments in Mansfield, Willimantic and UConn & ECSU campus police are increasingly cracking down on student campus parties and off campus housing parties.  

 You can be held responsible for the actions of roommates, random party attendees or by being an occupant in a vehicle that is involved in an accident.  Possession of a fake ID by someone under the age of 21 can result in fines up to $500 and prison time.  The consequences of an arrest are increasingly problematic for students academically and can complicate or hinder successful employment later on.

Enter LawyerUP, founded by Connecticut resident and former insurance industry worker, Chris Miles, who views LawyerUp as the AAA for legal needs. 

If you have a AAA membership  or  have purchased any type of insurance to safe guard  yourself from an unexpected occurrence  spinning out of control and becoming  prohibitively costly, why not consider emergency legal services ?  On-call legal services can be especially valuable if you attend school away from home and can’t reach the family attorney in the middle of the night or you are the parent of a college student living away from home.

LawyerUp is a legal dispatch service offered in Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts, and New York City.  Lawyers are dispatched according to the users need for representation from a database of participating and vetted attorneys.
Subscriptions cost $4.95 per month for a personal plan, $9.95 per month for a family plan. They also offer a Pay in a Pinch program, which keeps the user’s information on file and are not charged until they actually use their subscription, at a cost of $100.
There is an additional fee for an appearance and you should review the terms & conditions carefully. 
For more information you can go to: https://lawyerupnow.com/ or call 877-72-LAWUP.

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